Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

The soil around your home isn’t a natural environment for trees and shrubs… so, to help promote strong and healthy vigor in them, we offer The Green Unlimited Tree and Shrub Fertilizing Program which promotes:

  • Strong, healthy growth
  • Increased resistance to insects
  • Increased winter hardiness
  • Improved disease tolerance
  • Improved flower & bud formation

For healthier trees and shrubs, we recommend this program twice a year – in the Spring & Fall.

Spring Deep Root Fertilizing:
Promotes strong healthy growth, increases disease and insect resistance, improved flowering and bud formation, highly recommended for any plant material that is contour pruned such as globe cedars and hedges and bushes around the home maintained small and shapely.

Fall Deep Root Fertilizing:
Strong root development, improved food storage, and increased winter hardiness.