Top Dressing

top dressingWe use high-quality soil for our topdressing applications and you get to choose how much you’d like to put down. It can be ¼”, ½”, ¾” or even 1”. Here’s some more information and tips on topdressing:

Use good quality topdressing material
Some products on the market have a high salt content and can cause more harm than good. Also avoid ones with a high organic content. Grass prefers a sandier loam soil with good drainage – soils with high organic content look good, but they are better suited for flower gardens and veggie gardens, not lawns.

Protects seeds during germination
Covering the grass seed with a layer of compost will protect it from birds and from drying out too quickly between watering.

Breaks down thatchthatch
Organic varieties contain microscopic microbes that feed on thatch and break it down to a healthy level.

Feeds the soil – builds your lawn from the ground up
The added organic soil adds microbes to your existing soil improving its health and bringing new life to your lawn.

Topdressing a lawn at the same time as an aeration and overseeding is ideal as the three of these work very well together and give you the best possible outcome on improving your lawn!

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