Pest Control


One place you should always feel safe is your home – but that can be hard to do with pesky pests moving in.

Don’t let them make you uncomfortable in your own home. With Green Unlimited Pest control, you’ll be safe year-round from unwanted house guests.

With our licensed and extensively trained exterminators on guard, you’ll get effective relief from many types of household pests, including:

• Ants
• Wasps
• Spiders
• Earwigs
• Flies

We currently have two options for services. You can get single treatments which have a limited protection guarantee or register for the seasonal package to protect your home all summer – depending on what your needs are.

Our three exterior types of pest control services are:

1. Surface Insect Control
This application is done over the surface of your lawn and takes care of all surface insects.

2. Perimeter Pest Control
This application goes around the entire perimeter of your home. We spray from the base of the home to 3 feet out, and from the base to 1.5 feet up the side. This creates a barrier to help stop the entrance of pests into your home.


3. Ant Control
There are three types of ant control we offer:

Mounds: With this application we directly target ant hills in your lawn which you have marked for our exterminators ahead of time to get rid of these little lawn invaders before they do too much damage.

Surface: As with surface insect control, this application is put down on the entire surface of your lawn to take care of the ants.

Perimeter: We put the application around the perimeter of your home to protect from ants finding their way inside where they shouldn’t be.