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These past few years, ticks have become much more common in this part of the country, and that means there’s an increased risk of contracting Lyme Disease.

This terrible illness is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which is transmitted through the bite of an infected tick. Early signs of Lyme infection include a red, bullseye shaped rash, fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodes. Left untreated, it can lead to severe headaches, facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy), heart disorders (palpitations, abnormal heartbeat, various neurological disorders, arthritis, and in extreme cases it can even cause death as a result of infection in the heart.

In Ottawa in particular it has gotten so bad that Ottawa Public Health has stopped testing ticks, and advises that anyone who has been bitten should immediately start an antibiotic regimen so that they can ward off a potential infection.

This all sounds very scary, but we can help.

When used as directed, this pest control product will repel ticks, which may cause Lyme disease. The product we use, Dragnet, contains permethrin, to Kill Brown Dog Ticks and Fleas.

We recommend three treatments (one in the spring/early summer, one later in the summer, and one in the fall) for maximum protection. These treatments start at $82, and are kid, pet, and environmentally friendly.

How You Can Help

Ultimately, having your property treated is the best way to prevent ticks from making their way into your yard, but taking the following steps–when combined with treatment–will help give you that extra level of protection

  •  – Mowing your lawn
  •  – Creating barriers between your lawn and wooded areas
  •  – Neatly stacking any woodpiles you have on your property

Do you want to get rid of annoying mosquitoes in your yard? Our service will target their favourite places to sit and wait for
you. Our applicators know just where to find them. You’ll get a quick knock down and residual control as well.

Whether it’s for your home, cottage or a special event we can help
make sure the mosquitos won’t ruin your good time.

  • How can I reduce the number of Mosquitoes in my yard?
    Our mosquito spray treatment has been shown to reduce the mosquitoes in your yard up to 90% when part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

This mosquito control service repels these bugs for up to 21-30 days!

How can I prevent Mosquitoes?
Here are some everyday tips and tricks you can easily implement in the prevention of Mosquitoes in your backyard:

  • → Empty birdbaths (mosquito larvae only need 1 cup of water to live)
  • → Check your eaves-troughs and gutters (water standing in gutters out of sight is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • → Sandboxes, often have liners that trap water (poke holes in the liner or allow for drainage)
  • → Check your tarps, If they are sagging and collecting water, you have a perfect spot for mosquitoes to multiply
  • → Kids toys left around the yard very often collect just enough water to breed mosquitoes.
  • → Frisbees and sporting goods are big culprits to catch water.
  • → Planters often come with water saucers underneath them that collect water.

    A simple formula to aid with the prevention of Mosquitoes is to always remember the 3 D’s:

    • DUMP and DRAIN: Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can breed
    • DUSK and DAWN: Stay indoors when mosquitoes are most active
    • DEFEND: Prevent mosquito bites by wearing approved insect repellents

    How Does Your Mosquito Spray Work?
    Treatment normally involves spraying your property and surrounding landscape (shrubbery, trees, long grass, under decks and other hot spots) with our special formula every 3-4 weeks (depending on the weather- amount of rainfall).

Why Should I Worry About Mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes in Ontario, Canada are known to carry the West Nile Virus which is transmitted to animals and humans while they bite you to take your blood. Ticks are known to carry the bacteria that can cause Lyme Disease.

One place you should always feel safe is your home – but that can be hard to do with pesky pests moving in.

Don’t let them make you uncomfortable in your own home. With Green Unlimited Pest control, you’ll be safe year-round from unwanted house guests.

With our licensed and extensively trained exterminators on guard, you’ll get effective relief from many types of household pests, including:

• Ants
• Wasps
• Spiders
• Earwigs
• Flies
• Mice and More!

We currently have three types of pest control services. You can get a single type, both, or all three – depending on what your needs are.

Our three exterior types of pest control services are:

1. Surface Insect Control
This application is done over the surface of your lawn and takes care of all surface insects.

2. Perimeter Pest Control
This application goes around the entire perimeter of your home. We spray from the base of the home to 3 feet out, and from the base to 1.5 feet up the side. This creates a barrier to help stop the entrance of pests into your home.

3. Ant Control
There are three types of ant control we offer:

Mounds: With this application we directly target ant hills in your lawn which you have marked for our exterminators ahead of time to get rid of these little lawn invaders before they do too much damage.

Surface: As with surface insect control, this application is put down on the entire surface of your lawn to take care of the ants.

Perimeter: We put the application around the perimeter of your home to protect from ants finding their way inside where they shouldn’t be.

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