Grub Control

What are White Grubs?
White Grubs are the most destructive lawn pests. Turf is damaged when the grubs  chew off the grass roots just below the soil surface. Healthy vigorous turf can take 5 or 6 of these per square foot and still look good, although because they are a food source for skunks and raccoons by night and crows and other birds by day it is often the digging from these animals that alert us to their presence under the lawn.


How do I stop them?
Prevention is always the best way to deal with White Grubs. If your lawn has been infested with them in the past or you’ve noticed damaged lawns in your neighbourhood then your lawn is more susceptible to their attack. This service is recommended if any of the following are true:

  • You have brown patches in your lawn, and/or you’ve had animals digging in it
  • You’ve had a grub infestation in the past
  • Nearby neighbours have had grub infestations
  • You have south or west-facing areas of your lawn
  • Your lawn has a sunny sloped area(s)

What else can I do to prevent White Grubs?
Other ways to assist in minimizing grub damage is to keep your lawn actively growing. Properly fertilizing and maintaining a healthy lawn promotes continuous root growth which replaces what the grubs have eaten. Proper maintenance such as mowing and watering are also critical to your lawn’s well being.

If you are a client of Green Unlimited, your technician will actively keep an eye out for pre-existing and new grub damage, and make sure you’re informed.

*Please Note – The grub products we use is a bacteria that only affects grubs and is environmentally safe. Unlike Nematodes - another popular grub control product - this does not require watering immediately after application and it can be applied in direct sunlight without harming the application.