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Fusion Lawn Care Program…

Our Fusion Program is our most popular program. It combines 5 specifically timed applications of fertilizer and weed control throughout the season. This program has been designed and scheduled to properly feed your lawn to produce thick healthy turf without the excessive growth in the spring related to lower quality fertilizers that are too fast releasing.

The Weed Control timing is very critical as well. With the two closely timed treatments at the start of each program we are able to give those pesky weeds a one-two punch to really knock them back and at the same time allow the fertilizer to do its job of getting the grass to fill in those areas where the weeds used to be. They work together to have your lawn looking its best!

The Fusion Program has a total of five applications.

  1. Spring Lawn Feeding –Duration slow release – 90+ Days
  2. First Fiesta Weed Control – when the weeds are all starting out
  3. Second Fiesta Weed Control – in quick succession to enhance Fiesta’s effectiveness
  4. Summer Lawn Feeding –Duration slow release – 90+ Days
  5. Third Fiesta Weed Control – Late summer is excellent for weed control
Fussion Lawn

The Green Unlimited

Essential‘ Lawn Care Program…

This is a high-quality program that provides your turf with balanced fertilizers to deliver essential nutrients throughout the growing season.

This program includes…

  • 4 applications of time and temperature activated slow release fertilizer. We also monitor your lawn’s progress throughout the season to ensure any unexpected issues are identified and properly addressed to help you achieve the best possible results.
  • To give you an even better lawn result we offer lawn maintenance tips on mowing, raking, watering, etc. – and only when necessary will we suggest additional services to address specific issues we feel will improve your lawn.
  • Unlimited FREE service calls.

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