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Getting off on the right ROOT (foot)

Spring is (finally) in the air and we’re very excited to see that snow melt away! Now, we all want to have a lush, healthy lawn this summer, but what are some of the key steps to help make sure things get off to a good start?

For starters it’s always important to do a spring clean-up! This may sound like it will be a chore and a half but not to worry: the main thing you need to do is simply rake your lawn. This helps in so many ways, from removing snow mold, clearing up grub damage, to removing the excess thatch that voles may have been making tunnels all through your lawn.  A light fluffing of the turf will prevent it from suffocating and give your grass crowns a chance to regrow! If you do have White Grubs be sure to arrange to have them treated later this summer. There isn’t anything legal or effective to kill them in Ontario in the spring, no matter how hard someone tries to sell you something. Save your money and plan for August.

Another good practice to do at the beginning of the season, especially if you’ve noticed some “problem areas”, would be a soil test. The cost for a soil test is minimal in comparison to all of the information it can give you. Many problems can be prevented knowing what your soil is lacking (and sometimes having too much of – like salt). From pH levels, to an imbalance between micro-nutrients and missing nutrients altogether, a soil test can indicate what is preventing grass (plants included – we can test garden soil too) from being at their best. We offer a wide variety of soil amendments to help correct these conditions so that your lawn, flowers and shrubs can flourish.  When we get the results of your soil test, they will be passed on to you along with an interpretation of issues what’s good and what needs adjusting and what’s needed to fix them.  It’s important to remember that your soil is the foundation of your landscape, and if it’s not cared for properly it cannot support the grass, trees and shrubs properly, which can lead to poor plant performance and extra expenses over time replacing them.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2017 season and hope these tips help gets everyone started off on the right ROOT (foot)!

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