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Big Changes for 2017!

We are excited to announce that we have some big changes coming to Green Unlimited for the 2017 season!

For starters, we will be making a move to become as paperless as we possibly can. How, you may ask? One thing is that we will be emailing customers their invoices after the service(s) have been completed instead of leaving a paper copy behind. We will likely be doing both to start just to make sure we have all the kinks worked out – letting go of paper can be a little scary sometimes. This will not only cut down on paper, but it will also solve the issue of sometimes the invoice being left in mailboxes which are no longer in use, blowing away, or getting lost in all the other mail that comes in on a daily basis. We have made an attempt in getting email addresses, but if you’re unsure if we have yours on file, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at  and we’d be more than happy to update your information. Your email will never be sold or used for anything other than Green Unlimited business. See our privacy policy here.

Another exciting thing we have coming is the launch of our Customer Login where you can do a number of things without needing to call the office. From adding additional services, to safely and securely paying your bills online, many things are going to be available on the site to help make things easier for you to see what you’ve book and what is left to do. You’ll also be able to see the invoices for up to the past 18 months, browse our FAQs, and check out the detailed maintenance tips for further information on good lawn practices and common issues. To sign up and have full access to all the great features on this website, please click here. With your unique login you have access to Green Unlimited 24/7.

We’re excited to get the ball rolling on all of these upcoming changes and would appreciate any feedback you may have on any of these enhancements so that we can continue to improve your overall experience with Green Unlimited.

Recently we have mailed out some amazing renewal offers for 2017 with exclusive savings for the upcoming season. Not sure what your special offer is? No problem, just give us a call at 613.744.7336 or email us at to find out!

Furthermore, we are hiring! More information will be posted within our blog in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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