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Aggressive Hunter Nematodes vs White Grubs

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We’re quickly approaching the time of year when we begin our nematode applications which are a prevention method against white grubs. There are some very important after-care instructions to follow once you have had the application put on your lawn, but we’ll get to those in a moment.

First we’d like to go over some information about the nematodes we use so you can have a better understanding on why we choose this method to help protect your lawn from white grubs. Nematodes are small, worm-like creatures. The kind we use will track and kill the newly-hatched grubs in your soil. They cannot kill the grubs when they get too big, nor are they able to attack them when they are still in eggs. This and the fact that cooler soil temperatures are not good for the nematodes is why there is only a specific time of year in which we provide white grub control. This time period is from mid-August until roughly mid-September. During this time period the eggs hatch into baby grubs, and the nematodes can easily hunt them down and the soil temperatures are ideal.

We always call at least two days ahead of time for this application for all customers. That way they know when we will be coming and ideally can water their lawns before we arrive to help increase the effectiveness of the nematodes. The most important thing to do after you’ve had a white grub control is water the application into your lawn as soon as possible once it has been done. It is also important to continue to water regularly, keeping the ground a bit moist, for the following weeks. This increases the likelihood of the grub’s survival, and the longer they’re able to survive, the more effective they will be.

Something to keep in mind is that the aggressive hunter nematode is the best available product for use in Ontario. It will effectively control up to 70% of the grub population. This natural, inherent limitation means we cannot guarantee that all grubs in a treatment area will be controlled. There may be survivors but their population levels will be so low that they can’t cause much damage to a strong, healthy lawn.

If you don’t already have your white grub control application booked, it is not too late but we do have limited amounts of applications as this is something which we have to order months ahead of time. This service is recommended if any of the following describes areas of your lawn:

  • You have brown patches in your lawn, and/or you’ve had animals digging
  • You’ve had a grub infestation in the past
  • Nearby neighbours have had grub infestations
  • You have a south or west-facing areas of your lawn
  • Your lawn has a sunny sloped area(s)

Please contact us with any questions or to book your grub control application today! You can reach us by calling 613.744.7336 or simply email . Prevention is always more cost-effective than repairs!

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