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Yearly archive for 2017

Chinch bugs still causing havoc in Ottawa: what are the signs?

Does your lawn have bugs? We wanted to talk more about a current lawn issue that we have had an increasingly large number of phone calls for over the past week: chinch bugs (which are a surface insect in your lawn). Keep reading to know what signs

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Best mowing practices

Do you know the impact you can have on your lawn just by how and when you mow it? If not then keep reading for some useful tips on grass height, when the best time to mow is, and more! What is the ideal height my grass

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Aggressive Hunter Nematodes vs White Grubs

We’re quickly approaching the time of year when we begin our nematode applications which are a prevention method against white grubs. There are some very important after-care instructions to follow once you have had the application put on your lawn, but we’ll get to those in a

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Chinch bug season is upon us!

As many residents in Ottawa may remember, the summer of 2016 was one where the chinch bugs seemed to take our lawns by storm. It was the highest populations of chinch bugs we recall seeing in the past 30 years. It’s very important to keep an eye

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What’s bugging you?

What do you call an ant that won’t go away? Permanant. Ants seem to be becoming a substantial issue for many properties around the Ottawa area this summer, and we wanted to let you know that we are here to help! We have three types of ant

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Welcome back Dandelions!

Now that dandelion season is in full force, it’s hard to not notice the bright yellow flowers popping up everywhere. The burst of warm weather we have experienced has them out with a vengeance, and they are keeping us very busy as our technicians work tirelessly from

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Getting off on the right ROOT (foot)

Spring is (finally) in the air and we’re very excited to see that snow melt away! Now, we all want to have a lush, healthy lawn this summer, but what are some of the key steps to help make sure things get off to a good start? For

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Green Unlimited is Hiring – Lawn Technicians & Sales!

We are looking to grow the Green Unlimited family this spring! We’re looking for lawn technicians that are passionate about lawn care, love the outdoors, able to work independently and being a part of a fast paced growing business. As a lawn care technician with Green Unlimited

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Big Changes for 2017!

We are excited to announce that we have some big changes coming to Green Unlimited for the 2017 season! For starters, we will be making a move to become as paperless as we possibly can. How, you may ask? One thing is that we will be emailing

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The Summer That Was

We’re well into February now and it’s never too early to start planning for the upcoming summer ahead, though to do so properly we have to take into account this summer past. Summer 2016 was hot, humid, and dry. This resulted in issues ranging from lawns suffering

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